media focus | duolun technology rated as aaa level enterprise, 2021 best award for implementation of tax deduction policy on staff training funds in nanjing!-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  media focus | duolun technology rated as aaa level enterprise, 2021 best award for implementation of tax deduction policy on staff training funds in nanjing!-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
media focus | duolun technology rated as aaa level enterprise, 2021 best award for implementation of tax deduction policy on staff training funds in nanjing!

on december 24, 2021, the “2021 incentive meeting for implementation of policies on enterprise staff training” jointly organized by nanjing municipal human resources and social security bureau, nanjing municipal finance bureau and nanjing municipal tax service, state taxation administration was successfully held. duolun technology was rated as aaa level enterprise, the 2021 best award for implementation of tax deduction policy on staff training funds in nanjing” and won a policy incentive of 1 million yuan for staff training.



this is the second year that nanjing promotes enterprises to increase investment in training technical and skilled talents through tax credits and incentives, aiming to lead to a deep integration of enterprise development with vocational training, so as to leverage the endogenous kinetic energy of enterprises to carry out on-the-job training and accelerate the growth of skilled talents. through the procedures including voluntary application, expert review, credit verification and public announcement, 19 enterprises, including duolun technology, finally received a total reward of 10.2 million yuan for staff training, and only 5 enterprises were rated as aaa level enterprises, which has been widely reported and concerned by the media.


aaa level enterprise


in its history of over 20 years, our company views talents as the core driving force of enterprise development. we not only actively cooperate with universities and scientific research institutes to create a number of high-quality training projects, but also vigorously carry out diversified staff training such as pre-job and on-the-job skill improvement, safety skills and senior management training, which improves the skills of employees, optimizes the composition of trained personnel, and effectively promotes the quality development of enterprise.



01 grid-based training framework

duolun technology innovates a grid-based training framework, both setting up a  vertical development system from fresh graduate to senior managers and integrating a unique horizontal system of product knowledge. under the strategic guidance, 9 qualified training centers, experiment centers, research centers and postdoctoral workstations are established to provide fertile soil for the company’s r&d and innovative development.


02 deep combination of industry and teaching

to strengthen the industry-teaching-research cooperation with universities and absorb more talents into the company, duolun technology has signed joint school running agreements with 10 domestic universities, initiated or participated in the construction of 4 industry-teaching alliances and meanwhile reached in-depth cooperation with nanjing agricultural university.


03 normalized training programs

two training bases, tianyin training center and engineering skills training base, have been established and according to the actual needs of various industrial sectors, 5 major normalized training programs for personnel of internship, production, r&d, marketing, management have been formed. in 2020, a total of 76 training activities were held, with 4,417 times of training in all.


multi-media focus


ruan wei, vice president of duolun technology, pointed out in an interview that the enterprise invested a large amount of money in university-enterprise cooperation and talent training last year, in which expenditures on the training and development of technical and skilled employees accounted for the largest proportion. employees not only need to possess the corresponding skill certificates required by the state, but also should know corresponding qualification requirements in various internal working steps, while these certificates and qualifications are combined with employees’ salary and promotion, which impels them to more actively think, explore and learn from each other. in addition, by promoting the co-creation model of small and nimble teams, our enterprise makes teachers become coaches and transforms students into lecturers, realizing a real sense of effective improvement in employees technology, skills and management through training.

the award of “2021 aaa level enterprise for implementation of tax deduction policy on staff training funds in nanjing” is an important honor in the field of human resources won by duolun technology after being successfully selected into the list of “51job human resources management excellence award”. it also represents that duolun technology has been recognized by all sectors of society with its innovative achievements and development potential in the field of human resources management.

at the turn of the year, duolun technology has witnessed an award-winning time with frequent good news by its strong comprehensive strength and growth potential. in the future, duolun technology will continue to actively play the main role of talent cultivation, and strive to realize the virtuous cycle of mutual promotion between the enterprise development, staff skill improvement and industrial transformation and development, injecting new impetus to the enterprise’s development with human resources.


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