58.86 million! duolun technology signed the contract for intelligent project of anhui wuhu vehicle administration service center and driver test center!-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  58.86 million! duolun technology signed the contract for intelligent project of anhui wuhu vehicle administration service center and driver test center!-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
58.86 million! duolun technology signed the contract for intelligent project of anhui wuhu vehicle administration service center and driver test center!

duolun technology signed the contract for the “intelligent project of anhui wuhu vehicle administration service center and driver test center” by virtue of its strong technical strength and well-developed service system! the project amount is 58.86 million yuan. the undertaking of this key benchmark project of smart vehicle administration in southern anhui indicates that the company’s overall service capacity has made it a leader in smart vehicle administration.


wuhu city of anhui province is located in the southwest of the yangtze river delta. it is an important industrial base, science and education base and comprehensive transportation hub in east china. according to public data, the number of motor vehicles in the city is about 702,000 and the number of drivers is about 1.03 million. the rapid increase of motor vehicles and drivers in wuhu city has resulted in massive data besides a sharp rise in business volume, posing severe challenges to the department of motor vehicles (dmv). duolun technology seized the opportunity and put forward several overall “intelligent” vehicle administration solutions, allowing it to stand out among chinas first-class intelligent companies and win the bid.


the project extends to wei'er road in the north, jingwu road in the west, jingsi road in the east and weisan road in the south. the project has a total land area of about 167,987.4 m2 and a total capacity building area of about 49,430 m2, including the smart construction of four core parts (namely the vehicle administration service center, test service center, simulated training service center and motor vehicle inspection center) and the projects of motor vehicle driver test sites and the all-dimensional construction of intelligent systems. our company provides “four-in-one” one-stop intelligent solutions ranging from service consultation, system integration to software customization, operation and maintenance for the vehicle administration service center and driver test center.


overall aerial view of the project


duolun technology has been dedicated to traffic control for decades. based on the existing business and future needs of dmv, it defined the strategy of “leading the smart dmv, deepening reform in government functions” and set the construction goal of “all-round dynamic perception, whole process refined service”. duolun technology has innovated smart vehicle administration solutions with three highlights underpinned by intelligent terminal, big data, cloud computing, visual perception, ai algorithms and other new-generation information technologies.


smart perception

enable multi-directional situation monitoring and real-time comprehensive early warning for devices based on the internet, iot sensing technology and 5g communication technology to facilitate the public in an all-round way


internet vehicle and driver administration services

break barriers between equipment, data, business and departments, establish a data sharing and exchange base, reengineer integrated business processes through data intelligence, scene integration and business modeling, realize “one visit at most” and provide refined vehicle and driver administration services


intelligent brain

integrate vehicle administration services, business supervision, self-service business handling, comprehensive display, command and scheduling functions based on big data, cloud computing and other technologies, and build a digital and smart dmv



meanwhile, in order to further strengthen the standardization of testing, improve the supervision efficiency and strengthen process supervision, duolun technology has introduced the latest technological achievements such as the intelligent study, judgment and analysis of the site video of subject ii, the dynamic video monitoring of the vehicle accompanying personnel of subject iii and the intelligent motorcycle test system into the construction scheme, created an all-subject intelligent smart driving test solution for the traffic police detachment of wuhu public security bureau, truly realized the functions of full coverage of video supervision, all-round test supervision, automatic early warning of testing and full storage of test data, achieved the standardization of testing, visualization of data, remote supervision, scientific and technological anti-corruption and humanized services, and ensured the efficiency, fairness, openness and impartiality of motor vehicle drivers.


design sketch of monitoring center


as a key livelihood project to facilitate and benefit the people and improve services, wuhu vehicle administration service center and driver test center will provide one-stop services from driver testing, new car registration and licensing to vehicle and driver administration business handling. the introduction of the smart vehicle administration solutions of duolun technology enables citizens to enjoy smart traffic administration services, whether in the field driving testing or new vehicle licensing; for managers, the test site situation, vehicle and driver administration files and real-time data can be seen clearly on the supervision platform.


design sketch of self-service area


in the future, duolun technology will continue to work hard to maintain its leading edge in technology, continue to deepen the reform in government functions, tackle final but key problems, provide citizens with “efficient and intelligent” ultimate services, create a smart image of police affairs of “convenience and new services”, and help all areas build a new model of scientific and technological vehicle administration, information vehicle administration and intelligent vehicle administration.


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