sustainable innovation! duolun technology ranked among “top 50 smart transportation innovation enterprises in 2021”-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  sustainable innovation! duolun technology ranked among “top 50 smart transportation innovation enterprises in 2021”-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
sustainable innovation! duolun technology ranked among “top 50 smart transportation innovation enterprises in 2021”

recently, duolun technology was honorably on the list of “top 50 smart transportation innovation enterprises in 2021” jointly released by china internet week of the chinese academy of sciences and deben consulting.

following an economic boom, motor vehicles and drivers are surging, posing tough challenges to road traffic safety management. national policies, such as the program of building national strength in transportation and the 14th five year plan, give continuous impetus to the digital transformation and upgrading of the smart transportation industry. dual wheels of policy support and demand drive the sustainable and prosperous development of this industry.



01 whole chain development of five product portfolios


duolun technology, based on the concept of independent r&d, marches towards smart city construction by starting with smart transportation, which revolves around the three elements of “human, vehicle and road”. in this way, it has formed five product portfolios centered on smart signal control, smart management, smart transportation, smart security and smart airport. duolun technology provides the one-stop service software and hardware products including multi-dimensional perception, real-time deduction, smart management and emergency response for smart city construction, so as to build a smart industry with coordinated development on the whole chain.


02 corporate strength reflected in further consolidation of strong link and reinforcement of weak link


in recent years, duolun technology has increased its investment in the r&d of next-generation information technology, improved the industrial chain of “human, vehicle, road and cloud”, and enhanced the competitiveness of products and services.


intelligent transportation facilities such as signal control system, multi-mode traffic guidance system and intersection micro guidance system for more than 1,000 intersections in jiangning district of nanjing city undertaken by duolun technology have played a vital role in public traffic management. many innovative products of duolun technology, such as “smart luminous zebra crossing”, “multi-scene reversible lane” and “adaptive signal” in jiangning district, further guarantee the safe and smooth travel environment of citizens.


in addition, the “smart transportation equipment procurement project in fengnan district of tangshan city” undertaken by duolun technology not only effectively improves precise traffic management, refined road management and residents’ travel experience, but also shows that duolun technology is a chinese leader in the overall planning, design and implementation of urban smart transportation systems.


03 modern traffic management driven by industry-university-research cooperation


duolun technology has established close industry-university-research cooperation relations with well-known universities and research institutions such as nanjing university and southeast university. it also actively invests in mergers and acquisitions of upstream and downstream enterprises with core technologies. through the construction of new transportation infrastructure such as 5g communication, beidou-based global high-precision positioning and high-precision maps, it has created a vehicle-road collaborative test and demonstration scene and realized the priority traffic guarantee system and driving ability evaluation system based on the vehicle-road system. in addition, duolun technology and nanjing university of posts and telecommunications have jointly built a smart transportation integration and innovation center of human-vehicle-road-cloud collaboration in jiangsu province, thus promoting the informatization and modernization of traffic management in the internet of vehicles (iov).


duolun technology is one of the first batch of key enterprises in smart transportation in jiangsu province. its intelligent transportation products have been successively crowned with titles of “ai-based innovation product in jiangsu province”, “new technology and new product to be popularized and applied in jiangsu province”, “excellent software product award in jiangsu province”, “nanjing innovative product” and so on. recently, the interactive signal controller independently developed by duolun technology has passed the interconnection test of iov. duolun technology led the drafting of the group standard data communication protocol between traffic signal controller and v2x roadside equipment (t/cts 5-2021), which was officially implemented on january 1, 2022.


productivity reform is the source of social development, and there is no end to technological innovation. duolun technology expects to lead the trend of frontier technological innovation and jointly promote the future prospect of “smart transportation and peaceful china” with partners.

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