breaking news: release of dodo coach v5.0 will open the new chapter of smart driver training experience-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  breaking news: release of dodo coach v5.0 will open the new chapter of smart driver training experience-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
breaking news: release of dodo coach v5.0 will open the new chapter of smart driver training experience

with the further development of a new round of scientific revolution and industrial transformation, digital technology has become new drivers of industrial quality and performance improvement. according to the fourteenth five-year plan, we should optimize the advantages of massive data and abundant application scenarios, promote the in-depth integration of digital technology and the real economy, empower the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, hasten the birth of new industries, new business forms and new modes, thus strengthening the new engine of economic development.

as a traditional business, motor vehicle driver training needs to be optimized in industrial transformation and upgrading and service quality enhancement because it fails to meet the actual demand of the increasingly younger learners. against such a development background, driver training institutions increasingly need the awareness and confidence of exploring scientific and technological innovation and upgrading.


a major upgrade: dodo coachv5.0 system

as an advocate of smart driver training, dodo driver has always stayed committed to building a new system of artificial intelligence teaching to realize the in-depth integration with daily driver training scenarios through digital technology empowering the new teaching-learning terminal, and hereby construct the new model of “internet smart driver training” development. hence, it will promote driver training quality and efficiency.

to better enhance the users’ personalized interactive somatosensory, further enrich the scenarios of smart driver training and create a more intelligent, efficient and humanized system-wide smart experience, dodo driver redefined the robot coach in 2022 to release the new generation of dodo driver v5.0 system and open the new chapter of smart driver training experience.


this comprehensive smart driver training system integrates rtk differential positioning technology, u3d, ai visual analysis technology, intelligent voice interaction technology, adas technology, linkage technology of different vehicle models and active brake control system. it is mainly installed and operated on the hardware platform of duolun android vehicle terminal to realize standardized, safe, efficient and unmanned teaching tasks of driver training within the designated environmental area (test ii training site).


this system can provide the basic training and practice tests for all projects. adopting the one-to-many training mode, the goal of lowering costs, improving business performance, energy conservation and emission reduction can be achieved.


minimalist technological aesthetics, simple yet sophisticated

in terms of product design, dodo driver practices three major concepts: function integration, hardware integration and service integration. through internal and external integration, dodo coach has realized lightweight and efficient design by integrating the functions and hardware of a complex system to reduce the volume and quality. on the premise of ensuring diversified functions, it further improves the user experience and reduces customer maintenance costs. meantime, the integrated appearance of hardware terminals has blended the industrial design texture, which is simple but forceful. 




it is particularly worth mentioning that the integrated top light of dodo coach is installed with a gps antenna and color led light strips. in the process of practicing driving, when the trainees need the intervention and help of coaches, the top light will flash different colors according to different scenarios, so that the tour coach can understand the training situation of each vehicle. the details reveal that dodo coach has achieved a complete balance between the design order and performance.


upgrade voice interaction to launch “automated clock in and out”

to deliver more convenient, intelligent and efficient interaction experience to trainees, dodo coach is equipped with the newly upgraded ai assistant “dodo”, which not only boasts varied voice control functions, smart virtual assistant images but also supports continuous natural language interaction. trainees can learn the training deduction items, cause analysis and reservation of training time from “dodo” during the process of practicing driving. multi-functional direct access meets the individual interaction demand of each user and improves fun of learning to drive.


apart from natural and efficient interaction, dodo coach also has realized the “automated clock in and out”. after getting on the vehicle, the system will recognize trainees’ identities through face recognition and prompt them to start training. trainees don’t need to scan qr codes to confirm their identities. after practice, they can get off vehicles directly without scanning qr codes to sign out. it indeed realizes immediate practicing and leaving, thus greatly improving trainees’ training efficiency and driving experience.


intelligent guided teaching, friendlier and intelligent

in terms of teaching, dodo coach applies ai, big data analysis, intelligent sensing, augmented reality, gesture recognition and other advanced technologies to the site training and identifies some wrong operations of trainees through visual analysis, so as to provide feedback. from the basic training to practice tests, trainees can learn basic driving knowledge steadily and grasp the operation skills, attention and exam judging standard. meantime, teaching videos can help trainees gain new knowledge by reviewing old.

besides, dodo coach is also complete with a gentle active parking teaching system. in this teaching mode, vehicles will automatically stop at the corresponding teaching points. after completing corresponding operations can trainees release the brake to continue with training. this design can help trainees strengthen point memory and operation. in the meantime, in the training mode, dodo coach will correct errors intelligently based on ai analysis, so that trainees’ errors can be corrected in real-time. if trainees make a mistake at the same place multiple times, dodo coach will stop the vehicle automatically to provide teaching for them after the vehicle arrives at the same point again. by repeating this process, error-prone points and difficulties can be overcome. 


traceback of the training process any time, ai analysis of training data

equipped with 3d full-shot video monitoring, dodo coach can record trainees’ training process in multi-direction. meantime, the complete collection, display and review system of learning process data also play an important role. during or after the training, trainees can check their training track through the vehicle ipad or cellphone app. there are detailed deduction items and reason analysis on the track to help trainees find and analyze problems and improve training effects. 


more significantly, the system can carry out ai analysis of trainees’ historical training data to predict their pass percentage of each project. the coach can also comment again and adjust the follow-up training projects and areas according to ai analysis results of trainees’ training situation. 


the complete safety protection system covers overall training scenarios

the safety of driver training is always the focus of all sectors of the society. dodo coach can realize the intelligent prevention of the whole process. this system adopts millimeter-wave radar, electronic fence, auxiliary brake and multi-vehicle interconnection to form the four protection mode: active safety protection, dangerous area protection, dangerous action protection, special area safety protection. through integrating hardware and software, it can realize “man-vehicle interconnection” to conduct real-time monitoring of accelerator, clutch, brake, steering wheel, thus  ensuring the safety of trainees in an all-round way. 

the fast and efficient safety protection system and the conductive driving learning design combined with sound and image enable trainees to learn independently without the guidance and assistance of others, thereby replacing some artificial teaching work of duplication and inefficiency and making that a person can manage multiple teaching vehicles a reality. 

the all-round upgrade of dodo coach this time takes the users at the core and integration as the idea, starting from the practical teaching logic and by means of technology, to deliver more added value to users and hereby realize more intelligent, efficient and convenient learning experience and help upgrade the teaching method of the driver training institutions. in the future, we believe that dodo driver will continue to enrich the products, concepts and service innovation, drive the digital and intelligent upgrading of the whole industry and the industrial chain, and co-construct the sharing high-quality driver training ecosystem.

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