the industry standards for automobile driver training simulators jointly drafted by duolun technology and other organizations to be implemented in september-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  the industry standards for automobile driver training simulators jointly drafted by duolun technology and other organizations to be implemented in september-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
the industry standards for automobile driver training simulators jointly drafted by duolun technology and other organizations to be implemented in september

recently, the ministry of transport issued the announcement on the release of 45 transportation industry standards including the ‘highway and waterway safety emergency response information for exchange’ (announcement no. 34 of the ministry of transport). among them, the industry standards for automobile driver training simulators (jt/t 378-2022), a document jointly drafted by duolun technology and other organizations as a substitute for the original standard (jt/t 378-2014), was officially published and is expected to be implemented on september 9, 2022.


in light of the new changes in the requirements of automobile driver training and teaching management as well as the rapid development of information technology and virtual simulation technology in recent years, the ministry of transport started to revise the standards in 2020, which was led by the research institute of highway ministry of transport. the institute investigated the current situation of foreign driving simulator technologies and their application through extensive research on domestic driving training agencies, trainees and driving simulator manufacturers, as well as necessary test verification activities. through one and a half years of effort, the current revised version was produced.

develop new specifications for driver training simulators through continuous innovation


as a standard drafting unit, duolun technology has been deeply involved in the revision task by providing abundant technical suggestions and industry experience for the establishment of relevant standards based on its many years of practice in the smart driver training field, which has contributed to the benign development of the driver training sector.



the revision was made by taking into account the current situation of automobile driver training simulator technologies and the application demands in the automobile driver training industry. by revolving around the core goal of improving the effectiveness of driver training simulators, the previous standards were adjusted in terms of the training experience, teaching content and training management. the revision was focused on three aspects, i.e., highlighting priorities, making appropriate advancements, and stressing standardization and practicability.

the revised standards are conducive to further standardizing the production and inspection of automobile driver training simulators, and ensuring the teaching quality of those simulators in the simulated training of automobile drivers.


types of automobile driver training simulators


in the revised standards, automobile simulators are divided into three types according to the driving visual presentation modes and their dynamic simulation functions, i.e., non-interactive simulators (type i), interactive simulators (type ii) and dynamic simulators (type iii). dodo cockpit, a product developed by duolun technology, is perfectly compatible with the above three types of simulators. duolun technology also provides personalized customer services for the simulation process.



duolun technology has been sticking to innovation-driven development and built a complete research and development system for innovation in the smart driver training technology. as one of the most successful brands in smart driver training, dodo cockpit not only provides training in basic field driving, road driving and the knowledge of driving safely and courteously, but also has an intelligent and standardized driver training system that enables the traceability of the training process and complies with the timed training access standards. by using dodo cockpit, the trainees can learn basic vehicle operation skills, master the assessment standards and operating kills for the second and third driving tests, and participate in safety education and emergency treatment training. it is an effective preliminary tool of driver training that fosters good driving behaviors to ensure their safety.

more importantly, in addition to enhancing the safety of driver training, dodo cockpit is helpful in reducing the energy consumption and pollutant emissions in real vehicle training, thus contributing to realizing the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and saving the training costs of driver training agencies.

promote sound and sustainable industry development through persistent improvement


for many years, duolun technology has been upholding the principle of striving for perfection in r&d and manufacturing of products. the spirit of workmanship has been practiced in every link of its r&d, production, marketing and services. it not only strives to cater to the actual demands of the current trainees for smart driver training, but also is active in developing the standards for driver training simulators, which has impelled the digitalization and intellectualization process of the driver training industry.



in the field of smart driver training, dodo driver, as a smart driver training solution developed by duolun technology, provides full-stack intelligent services for customers of more than 3,000 driver training agencies. it has been proved effective in promoting their marketing systemaltization, training intellectualization, management informatization and service personalization.

duolun technology’s participation in the revision of the industry standards for automobile driver training simulators (jt/t 378-2022) reflects the positive affirmation of competent departments to its brand strength. in the future, duolun technology will continue to contribute its practical experience and product technology experience to promoting the healthy development of the driver training industry jointly with its partners nationwide by sticking to a more open attitude.

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