duolun technology has again been included in “top 500 corporations in digital ecology 2022 -九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  duolun technology has again been included in “top 500 corporations in digital ecology 2022 -九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
duolun technology has again been included in “top 500 corporations in digital ecology 2022 - top 100 solution providers by market value”

on august 4, 2022, the “braving the waves-digital ecology conference 2022” hosted by business partner was held in beijing. it is an annual event in the digital industry. at the conference, duolun technology was selected among top 500 corporations in digital ecology 2022 - top 100 solution providers by market values with its comprehensive strength, becoming one of the 77 corporations chosen for the second year running.




profession - an influential list in digital industry

for the digital industry, 2022 arrives with great uncertainties in the global economy. as the performance of digital companies fluctuates, the “top 500 corporations in digital ecology 2022” follows the previous structure and ranks businesses in digital ecology in terms of segmented ecological capabilities, ecological influence and ecological growth based on publicly available financial data and data from third-party organizations. 



ecology - future enterprises core competence 


the list of “china top 500 corporations in digital ecology 2022” is a review of china's digital industry in a special context. by pooling industrial wisdom and giving full play to the role of leaders, it looks into the way to cope with the high-quality development of china's digital industry, and mirrors the core competence of future enterprises - digital ecology capabilities.


duolun technology is a leading “digital solution life service” provider in china. as a technology-based company, it revolves around traffic safety and has built a complete digital ecosystem with “people, vehicle and road” at its core, providing leading digital products and solutions for industry customers and life services for consumers, including driver training and motor vehicle inspection. its services are available in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.


4xn - concerted efforts of four segments 


the company adheres to innovation-driven concepts and continues its business development bolstered by core technologies based on four segments --- smart vehicle administration, smart transportation, smart driver training and smart vehicle inspection. with years of effort put into machine vision, the company has managed to solve numerous industry challenges. at present, hundreds of algorithm models have been deployed in products. this is making products smarter, empowering the industry’s digital transformation, and promoting the evolution of the company from a technology-based company to a “technology service” company.



smart vehicle administration 

the smart vehicle administration business leads the industry with technological innovation, matches cutting-edge technology with customer needs, and promotes the iterations and upgrades of innovative, intelligent driving test products, such as intelligent motorcycle rider testing and new-generation subject iii test systems. these efforts enable the company to secure its leading position in the smart driving test industry. the reform of government functions implies opportunities. to respond to digital reforms in the vehicle administration sector, the company should be proactive in developing plans and creating new space for further growth of its smart vehicle administration business. 

smart driver training 

by further integrating visual ai analysis technology, intelligent voice interaction technology, advanced driver-assistance system (adas) technology and products, the smart driver training business provides students with standardized teaching materials, personalized training programs, intelligent judging technology and active safety protection measures and improves the whole life cycle experience of smart driver training for consumers. meanwhile, the companys cooperation with didi in chauffeur training and assessment services is progressing at a steady pace, and the platform in such a cooperative mode has now served more than 300,000 people in nearly 50 cities. 


smart transportation

the smart transportation business actively takes up the opportunities brought about by digital upgrading in the transportation industry, continues its efforts to proactively develop intelligent and connected vehicle businesses and other innovative businesses, and works with research institutes and industry chain partners to build vehicle-road cooperation testing and demonstration scenarios. the company has applied its digital capabilities accumulated in the transportation industry to practice and is actively expanding the development opportunities in new areas of smart airport.


smart vehicle inspection

the smart vehicle inspection business features intensive, large-scale, branding and chain strategies, strives towards the first chinese group brand-based chain vehicle inspection new model, and facilitates the rapid implementation of the chain vehicle inspection station business model. the company now boasts nearly 20 leading customers such as faw travel, byd, ping an insurance, didi, and t3go.



in order to strengthen its core competence, the company has recently developed its vertical integrated development plan, expanded the upstream and downstream industry chain, and bought into high-tech businesses in the fields of high-precision positioning and hd maps.based on digital technology, the company will continue to improve its technological research and development skills, support the industry's digital empowerment, offer customers positive, significant, and transformative solutions, and deliver long-term value to users and customers.



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