duolun technology was honored with the cicc science and technology progress award-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  duolun technology was honored with the cicc science and technology progress award-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
duolun technology was honored with the cicc science and technology progress award

recently, the chinese institute of command and control (cicc) released the review results of the “cicc science and technology award 2022”, among which “intelligent game deduction key technologies and their applications” won the second prize of the cicc science and technology progress award. it is the scientific and technological achievement jointly completed by nanjing university, army engineering university of pla, jiangsu military region of the chinese people’s liberation army, duolun technology, and elex cybersecurity inc., which also marks duolun technology’s breakthrough in core products regarding emergency command and their application in civil-military integration.


the chinese institute of command and control, a national first-class society approved by the china association for science and technology and the ministry of civil affairs of the people’s republic of china, is an academic and national community organization voluntarily comprised of institutions and scientific workers in the field of science and technology related to the command and control functions. the science and technology award of the chinese institute of command and control (hereinafter referred to as the “cicc science and technology award”) is a prestigious award of command and control, aiming at leading the development of the aforesaid discipline, stepping up the continuous production of its innovative, theoretical achievements and creative application outcomes in various sectors, advancing research in command and control systems engineering as well as science & technology, and facilitating china’s national defense security, economic construction and social management.



this award-winning project has broken the barrier of key technologies such as situational intelligent cognition, independent scheme generation, intelligent planning of tasks, initiative and collaborative actions, and man-machine fusion decision-making on the issues faced by emergency handling and military command decision-making in the field of social and public security like weak situational cognitive ability, low-level digital action plans, difficult quantitative evaluation of schemes, as well as inefficient human-computer nature interaction. it has been widely used in multi-channel human-computer interaction and intelligent task planning.



as a whole, this technological achievement has come up to the international advanced level with 22 independent intellectual property rights. thereinto, the game deduction “virtual role” construction technology based on peopleware service and the multi-channel immersive game deduction human-computer interaction technology have kept pace with the leading international technology.


emergency management is an integral part of the modernization of national public governance. the emergency command and control system is the core link in the construction and upgrading of the emergency management system during the 14th five-year plan, which will be in charge of monitoring and early warning, auxiliary decision-making, and rescue materials dispatching when it comes to major emergencies such as natural disasters, production accidents, social security, etc. 


duolun technology will still be oriented toward serving the major strategic needs of our country, seize new opportunities for digital development, and continuously strengthen innovation ability and industrial empowerment. we will provide powerful scientific and technological support for furthering the establishment of china’s emergency management system and modernization through deepening and expanding the application of core technologies in emergency management in smart transportation, smart airport, urban governance, and many others, relying on the “people-vehicle-road” product system and applied ecology. 

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