duolun technology’s examination system for vehicle driver certified as “jiangsu premium brand”-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  duolun technology’s examination system for vehicle driver certified as “jiangsu premium brand”-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
duolun technology’s examination system for vehicle driver certified as “jiangsu premium brand”

recently, duolun technologys examination system for vehicle driver was certified as “jiangsu premium brand”. on november 24, the third jiangsu quality conference officially released to the public the list of enterprises that are certified as jiangsu premium brand”. at the conference, xu kunlin, governor of jiangsu province, attended the conference and awarded certifications to the winning enterprises. hu guangjie, deputy governor of jiangsu province, presided over the conference and delivered a speech.



creating a benchmark brand

in april 2020, multiple authorities of jiangsu province co-released the opinion on creating “jiangsu premium brand” and promoting high-quality development with the aim to build jiangsu premium brand” into the gold brand” of jiangsu enterprises in chinese and international markets. jiangsu premium brand” not only represents high-quality products in jiangsu but also showcases the image and strengths of the province. in 2022, 105 products from 105 enterprises are certified as jiangsu premium brand”, including the most competitive products from leading enterprises in primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. these enterprises boast a high reputation and demonstrate the benchmarks of jiangsu manufacturing.



build the duolun brand

the examination system for vehicle driver, independently developed by duolun technology, applies big data, ai, iot, 3d virtual simulation, and beidou navigation satellite system, solving the intelligent defects of traditional driving tests and fundamentally improving the safety awareness and driving skills of vehicle drivers. staying committed to the driving test sector, duolun technology is certified as a research demonstration base for vehicle driver skill tests by the road traffic safety research center of the ministry of public security.


lead industry development

currently, duolun technology is leading the intelligent transformation of the driving test industry with its pioneering strategic visions, deep industry insights, and cutting-edge information technologies. its premium products include the intelligent video scoring analysis system of the driver’s license examination subject ii, the dynamic video monitoring system for the invigilator of driver’s license examination subject iii, and the intelligent motorcycle test system. duolun technology continuously promotes the intelligent transformation of the driving test industry.


focusing on the road traffic safety industry, duolun technology has industry-leading intelligent manufacturing bases and is involved in the development of 12 national and industrial standards, and has obtained a total of 208 national patents. the company also provides state-of-the-art digital products and solutions, as well as driver training, motor vehicle testing, and other services


the jiangsu premium brand certification of duolun technology marks a new chapter for establishing a corporate benchmark and improving product quality. in the future, the company will remain devoted to high-quality development, build the “jiangsu premium brand” and china top brand, and boost jiangsu and china manufacturing.

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