new era of green, low-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  new era of green, low-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
new era of green, low-carbon growth! duolun technology is the first to introduce nevs into wenzhou driving tests

entering 2023, louqiao test ii site of zhejiang wenzhou motor vehicle driving test service center (hereinafter referred to as wenzhou test service center) welcomed the first examinee who took the c2 driving license test using a new energy vehicle (nev). this is also the first time that wenzhou formally put nevs into driving tests, marking a new era of green and low-carbon growth for the driving test industry in wenzhou.  


scene of the first test using nevs


driver tests support new energy development 


according to an insider of office of wenzhou test service center, driving tests offer a breakthrough in developing nevs by introducing them into the driver training industry. as a result, more drivers are willing to use nevs.


since 2021, wenzhou test service center has partnered the municipal dmv, driver training association and duolun technology in promoting nevs application in driving tests. this enables more people to get the skills necessary to operate an nev and responds to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction.


new-energy test vehicles equipped with duolun technology driving test equipment


thanks to early concerted efforts, new-energy test vehicles are checked and accepted smoothly. duolun technology assisted wenzhou test service center in testing site renovation and installation/debugging of intelligent driving test equipment. it takes the lead in initiating nev-based driving tests citywide.  

economical, energy saving and better driving test experience

sources say mr. wang from wenzhou boyuan driver training institution is the first to take a driving test with an electric vehicle. he took the test in no. 11 track using no. 51 test vehicle and passed the four items of test ii just in 5 minutes with full marks. according to mr. wang, electric cars have an edge on traditional ones because they give drivers more stable, easy and pleasant experience.  


interior of a new-energy test vehicle


police officer zheng, a supervisor on site, said that nevs are similar to fuel vehicles in terms of appearance and wheelbase and their test standard and process are the same as traditional c2 driving test subjects. trainees are fully assured. 


duolun technology, a leader in smart driving tests



duolun technology has long been committed to making driving tests more intelligence- and technology-based and promoting its industrialization. as low-carbon life and green growth come under the spotlight, new-energy test vehicles contribute to the reduced environmental pollution and the upgrade of driving test and driver training industry, thus vitalizing the driving test and driver training market.

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