witnessing | duolun technology crowned “top 50 smart transportation innovators of 2022” again-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  witnessing | duolun technology crowned “top 50 smart transportation innovators of 2022” again-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
witnessing | duolun technology crowned “top 50 smart transportation innovators of 2022” again

on april 6, 2023, china internet week (under the chinese academy of sciences) jointly released the top 50 smart transportation innovators of 2022 with deben consultancy and enet research institute. once again, duolun technology made it to the top 50, jumping to 22nd in rankings.


the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network planning outline released by the state council points out that china will build a modern and high-quality national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network that is convenient and smooth, economical and efficient, green and intensive, smart and advanced, safe and reliable, thereby enabling the significant growth of the smart transportation market to propel the next-round technological innovation and industrial development.


five-portfolio innovative system to offer full-scenarios solutions


as a leading chinese r&d enterprise in smart transport, by utilizing its technical capabilities and participating in smart city construction through smart transport, duolun technology has established a system consisting of the five major portfolios of smart signal control, smart management and control, smart transport, smart security, and smart airports to offer users integrated full-chain high-synergy industry solutions.



high-quality implementation and services recognized by the industry


duolun technology constantly invests in the r&d, talent fostering, and market development of smart transport, which is one of the most important sectors of the companys smart business, and has established a strategic policy for business development that sets out to keep a foothold in nanjing and reach out to the entire country.

as a prominent partner of nanjing public security bureau jiangning branch in smart transport, the company built 1500 crossroad traffic signal control systems, multi-mode transportation guidance systems, intersection guidance systems, and other smart transport facilities, which have played an indispensable role in traffic management. in addition, front-end systems such as traffic guidance screen control systems, self-timing traffic flow detection signals, "smart lighted crosswalk", and "multi-scenario tidal lanes" and back-end systems such as the situation analysis platform for police towing service, transportation big data application platform independently developed by duolun technology provided a potent guarantee for the safe and smooth traveling conditions of residents in nanjing.


meanwhile, the company has also implemented smart transport model projects in tangshan (heibei province), zaozhuang (shandong province), chuxiong yi autonomous prefecture (yunnan province), which not only boosted the capabilities for precision traffic management and control, enhanced the precision management of roads, and improved the traveling experience of residents, but also demonstrated duolun technologys leading capabilities to plan, design, and implement city-level smart transport systems. 


industry-university-research cooperation to empower travel safety with technology


as a national post-doctoral research workstation, jiangsu province smart vehicle-road collaboration engineering research center, and one of the first key enterprises in smart transport in jiangsu province, the companys smart transport products have been awarded jiangsu provincial artificial intelligence fusion innovation product, jiangsu provincial key promotion and application of new technologies and new products, jiangsu provincial excellent software product award, nanjing municipal innovation product and other honors.



in the meantime, the company has established close industry-university-research cooperation with southeast university, chang'an university, nanjing university of posts and telecommunications, nanjing university of science & technology, and other well-established universities and research institutes, and actively invests and acquires downstream and upstream enterprises with core technologies. through the construction of new transportation infrastructure such as 5g communication, beidou-based full-domain high precision positioning, and high precision maps, the company built vehicle-road cooperation test and demonstration scenarios, created the passage-prioritized guarantee system and driving ability evaluation system based on the vehicle-road system, and promoted the informatization and modernization of traffic management in the internet of vehicles.


in the future, duolun technology will focus on researching key technologies in smart transport, thereby establishing standardized products and solutions, meeting the high-level demands in smart transport, collaborating with more ecological partners, and promoting the high-quality development of the industry.


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