duolun technology party branch holds the july 1 party day event themed on "learning thoughts, improving party spirit, and taking practical steps"-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  duolun technology party branch holds the july 1 party day event themed on "learning thoughts, improving party spirit, and taking practical steps"-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
duolun technology party branch holds the july 1 party day event themed on "learning thoughts, improving party spirit, and taking practical steps"

on june 17, 2023, all members of the duolun technology party branch, including probationary party members and applicants for party membership, visited the memorial hall of the first national congress of the communist party of china. the purpose of this visit was to guide the comrades of the party branch in carrying forward the red gene and drawing strength from the struggles of the past, implement the essence of the study and education of the party's history and promote the deepening and implementation of this education. by revisiting the development process of the party, all members sought to learn thoughts, improve party spirit, and take practical steps.



in the newly built, but still retaining the old shanghai shikumen style, memorial hall, ruan wei, secretary of the party branch of duolun technology, led his colleagues to have visited an exhibition showcasing the centennial journey of the communist party of china. from its humble beginnings to its current status as a powerful force, the exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the party's development.


100 years ago, in this ordinary shikumen residential area, a group of marxist fighters held secret meetings with the ideals of saving the country and people, reviving the chinese nation. with great risks to their lives, they fought for their beliefs. looking at the red cultural relics and historical footage, it seems like we are transported back to that hard yet passionate era, witnessing the process of the communist party of china leading the chinese people towards prosperity and strength.


mr. ruan wei stated that the first national congress of the communist party of china marked the formal establishment of the party. it was a significant event in china's history as a brand-new proletarian party emerged with marxist-leninist principles guiding it and a goal to achieve socialism and communism.



cpc building was a groundbreaking event in chinese history, marking the beginning of a completely new form of social organization that was distinct from capitalism. today, under the strong leadership of the party central committee with comrade xi jinping at the core, and guided by the scientific thinking of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, the party and the nation have achieved historic accomplishments and undergone historic changes. at the historical intersection of the "two centenary goals", the comprehensive victory of the battle against poverty has been achieved, and full completion of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is within sight. chinese national rejuvenation has taken a significant step forward, and chinese socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era, embarking on a new historical journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects.


all branch members study carefully.


lastly, some visitors wrote their well-wishes for the party and the motherland on the message wall and left their gratitude and best wishes to the party in the sound recording room named "words of thanks to the party from the heart". this visit and study provided an opportunity for all members of the company's party branch to gain a deeper understanding of the party's history and principles, allowing them to develop a greater appreciation for the party's original mission and purpose.



learning about the history of the communist party of china involves studying its remarkable achievements, arduous journey, valuable experiences, and admirable traditions. this process helps us to appreciate the importance of perseverance, strengthen our awareness of potential challenges, and firmly resolve to overcome difficulties. we also come to understand that power comes from the people and should be used to serve them, seek their interests, and address their needs. this realization helps us understand the historical principle that water can both carry a boat and capsize it, and that people's hearts are the greatest political force. by establishing the materialist theory that the people are the creators of history, we can build a strong wall of stability and development for our nation.

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