dr. yao-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  dr. yao-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
dr. yao-jan wu from the university of arizona visited duolun technology

on july 19, 2023, dr. yao-jan wu from the university of arizona visited duolun technology. he was warmly received by professor zhang weibin from nanjing university of science and technology, tao gang, deputy general manager of duolun technology, and chen bo, deputy director of the smart industry research institute. the three parties held extensive and deep discussions on the technology researches and applications as well as future cooperation in the sector of smart transportation. 


dr. tao gang warmly welcomed dr. wu and his group. the visiting scholars visited the exhibition hall of smart industry achievements made by duolun to have a better understanding of the development history, technical achievements, business models and other aspects of duolun technology.   


during the visit, the parties had detailed discussions on the application and solutions of smart products for various digital scenarios in the sectors of smart transportation, smart driving tests, smart driver training, and photovoltaic storage and charging. dr. wu commended duolun technology for its impressive integrated strength, project implementation, and operational prowess in the sector of smart industries, alongside its technological innovations and market service capabilities for smart cities. 



at the symposium, the three parties engaged in extensive technical exchanges and discussions. dr. wu gave an insightful presentation on their research projects and topics under the theme of “innovative data-driven solutions for traffic operations”. he discussed the work conducted by the center for applied transportation sciences (cats) in the fields of highways, intersections, traffic safety, and more. his presentation was highly informative and easily understandable for all in attendance.



professor zhang weibin shared the research cases and latest innovation achievements of nanjing university of science and technology in the sector of road traffic based on perception technology, automatic driving technology and ai technology. mr. chen bo introduced the typical cases of technical research practices and industrial applications done by duolun technology in the sector of smart transportation.



at the symposium, key technical staff of duolun technology smart industry research institute and driving safety research institute participated in the meeting and had an informative exchange with dr. wu and prof. zhang. 

dr. yao-jan wu

he is a tenured associate professor of transportation engineering at the university of arizona. the smart transportation lab, which he founded and led, focuses on the application of it and big data technologies to solve traditional transportation problems, including traffic detection systems, urban traffic signal optimization, traffic safety analysis, sustainable transportation, etc.

he has published more than 150 high-level research papers, of which nearly 70 are included in sci. dr. wu has chaired (and co-chaired) nearly 50 national and regional research projects. with the strong support and cooperation of local governments and institutions, the center for applied transportation sciences (cats) has been established to make wider use of research theories to solve practical transportation problems.

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