duolun smart intersection edge intelligence agent was awarded the “excellent practice award of edge computing in the transportation sector”-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

  duolun smart intersection edge intelligence agent was awarded the “excellent practice award of edge computing in the transportation sector”-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网
duolun smart intersection edge intelligence agent was awarded the “excellent practice award of edge computing in the transportation sector”

recently, the ccsa tc621 and the china academy of information and communications technology jointly organized the “2023 computing-network integration industry development summit”. inspur, in collaboration with duolun technology and beyond traffic, has developed the smart intersection edge intelligence agent, a roadside core node device for traffic intersections, based on three parties’ technological accumulation and r&d capabilities. the product has won the “excellent practice award of edge computing in the transportation sector”.


100,000 hours of stable operation, combining flexibility and reliability


the duolun smart intersection edge intelligence agent integrates software and hardware functions, with strong reliability and a measured mtbf of 100,000 hours. it also has extreme environmental adaptability, supporting operation at temperatures as low as -40℃ and as high as 70℃. in terms of software functions, the edge intelligence agent is based on ai algorithms and various traffic operation indicator calculation models, realizing functions such as intersection full target detection, traffic flow indicator calculation, signal timing optimization, intersection evaluation, traffic event perception, and intersection cross-camera tracking. the software and hardware functions are highly flexible and can be configured according to demands. the plug-and-play functionality of the edge intelligence agent allows for convenient and flexible deployment, as it can be easily plugged and unplugged. 



deployed in multiple locations for more intelligent management


the duolun smart intersection edge intelligence agent has strong computing power and intelligent computing ability. it is linked with roadside perception devices to achieve real-time analysis of people, vehicles, roads, and traffic flow in the traffic intersection through the software and algorithms inside the intelligence agent. with functions such as intelligent scoring, automatic management, congestion prevention and control, and traffic civilization construction for traffic conditions, it can transform an ordinary intersection into a smart intersection, providing important data support and application capabilities for traffic management authorities’ signal control optimization, intelligence analysis and judgment, command and dispatching, and solving multidimensional problems such as traffic congestion, residents’ travel, and urban construction.



the duolun smart intersection edge intelligence agent is a comprehensive and technologically advanced intelligent transportation infrastructure in the transportation sector. it has been deployed and applied in many large, medium, and small cities in jiangsu province, hebei province, etc., receiving consistent praise from customers and cities.


partner introduction


inspur is a leading global provider of it infrastructure products, solutions, and services, with 8 r&d centers, 10 production bases, and 26 branch offices, serving over 120 countries and regions. based on its technical capabilities in it infrastructure and edge computing, inspur has developed a complete series of edge computing products, including four major hardware platforms that cover various edge computing scenarios from the near end to the near data center side. its software products include cloud-edge collaborative software platforms, secure and trusted platforms, and ai application acceleration platforms, and more, which can provide full-fledged infrastructure support for edge computing applications in sectors such as energy, transportation, finance, and communication.


established in 2010, beyond traffic has been deeply involved in the smart transportation sector for over a decade. building on its profound understanding of and insight into the transportation sector, beyond traffic is dedicated to improving its self-developed products. it has built a full-stack cloud-edge software and hardware service solution that drives the digital and smart transformation and upgrading of urban road networks, highway networks, as well as intelligent and connected vehicles. this solution helps users and partners solve their most urgent business challenges, which can not only continuously enhance the traffic operation level, but also improve the efficiency and service level of transportation.

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